Why Social Distancing Could Last Longer Than Expected

As talks of the tail-end of the COVID-19 pandemic become more and more circulated, many scientists have warned it may still be quite some time before things get completely back to normal. Many people may soon be returning back to work, and many non-essential businesses may be back open to the public; but this may come with a bit of a caveat, to the say the least.

As it turns out- many experts, such as one particular group of Harvard researchers, have now found at least some measure of social distancing may be required well into the year 2022. The group ultimately found we may have “social distanced” a little too well- not giving ourselves the chance to build an immunity to the virus. This would subsequently mean we would need to prolong the distancing measures - in order to keep our healthcare systems from being overwhelmed, as we’ve seen in countries such as Italy.

What This Means for You

You’re probably no stranger to the idea that at least some amount of evolution may need to take place in your business in order to adapt to this rapidly-evolving industry. Tightly-packed events such as weddings, corporate events, private dinner parties, and more will probably not be back to “business as usual” anytime soon. Now- does this mean they won’t happen at all until 2022? Probably not.

But what it could mean is that substantially less people may be invited to these types of events, due to lack of space. And that people will at least be hesitant to book an event for as long as their guests have to stand 6 feet apart. Long story short- projecting that your business will be back to exactly how it was before the COVID-19 outbreak, as soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted may in fact, be a bit overoptimistic. At least at this point.

What You Can Do About It

As we’ve alluded to before- the adaptation of your foodservice business is not only a good idea at this point. It may be an imperative one if you’d like to not only survive well into 2022- but thrive as well. With this being said- we get that tackling an adaptation / growth strategy alone is never easy. The entire team here at ChefDirect has been helping personal chefs, private chefs, and caterers alike come up with, and then implement creative strategies to still “do business” during these more than unprecedented times.

From free strategy sessions, to free Social Mastery, and even Email Mastery blueprints; we're sure we’ll be able to help, in one way or another. Be sure to book your free 20 minute strategy session today- and let us tackle this beast together. (https://www.chefdirect.net/book-online)

Be safe, and be strong.

- Cory Utecht

- Owner, ChefDirect


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